Today I am 59

And in 12 months I will be old. I never thought this would happen to me. Still don’t. I am unwilling, adamantly unwilling. So I’ve put together a plan. It’s not going to be easy but I’m hopeful. And hope is prerequisite. I call it Plan Be.


by: me

  1. to know I be
  2. to know my life is my life
  3. to know there are others but I am not them
  4. to know I was
  5. to know there were others but they were not me
  6. to know I can be
  7. to know I am being
  8. to know I have been
  9. to know I do
  10. to know I did
  11. to know my life does
  12. to know I have
  13. to know my life has
  14. to know I had
  15. to know I may
  16. to know I might
  17. to know I must
  18. to know I can
  19. to know I could
  20. to know I shall
  21. to know I should
  22. to know I will
  23. to know I would

Anyone want to join me in Plan Be?  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be unpacking it right here.

Maybe you already have a “Toward the End of Your Life Plan”.  Care to share?



8 thoughts on “Today I am 59

  1. Congratulations on starting something new. Not the final year of your fifth decade but, by the calendar, it’s the first year of your sixth decade. It’s daunting, no? I’ve done that myself – it’ll be three years since I “crossed over” on Christmas Day. But do I have a plan? No way. I’m just going to ride life where it takes me because if I’ve learned anything in the past half century of doing whatever it is that I do, I’ve learned I can’t map things out, I can only navigate. I’m not the one in charge. But if I listen quietly to hear, and look carefully to see, I’ll keep on my journey and hopefully have one heck of a ride. I wish the same for you Faith.


  2. You are a great writer and I think you could easily be a freelance writer for a newspaper. I’ve noticed your highs are very high but your lows drop you so low. Writing a blog might level that out. I learned that President Lincoln would write letters to people he was angry with. He never sent them. Just wrote them and put them into his desk and later destroyed them. Seemed a wonderful method to me.
    You could also become a travel writer!


    1. Thank you for reading, commenting, and encouraging Teene. And good observation of those highs and lows. Have you read Abraham Lincoln: A Life? Just starting it now. His youth was spent in such grinding poverty.


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