Today I am 59

And in 12 months I will be old. I never thought this would happen to me. Still don’t. I am unwilling, adamantly unwilling. So I’ve put together a plan. It’s not going to be easy but I’m hopeful. And hope is prerequisite. I call it Plan Be.


by: me

  1. to know I be
  2. to know my life is my life
  3. to know there are others but I am not them
  4. to know I was
  5. to know there were others but they were not me
  6. to know I can be
  7. to know I am being
  8. to know I have been
  9. to know I do
  10. to know I did
  11. to know my life does
  12. to know I have
  13. to know my life has
  14. to know I had
  15. to know I may
  16. to know I might
  17. to know I must
  18. to know I can
  19. to know I could
  20. to know I shall
  21. to know I should
  22. to know I will
  23. to know I would

Anyone want to join me in Plan Be?  Over the next few weeks, I’ll be unpacking it right here.

Maybe you already have a “Toward the End of Your Life Plan”.  Care to share?